I didn’t like the idea of calling a photography course “photography course”, so I thought about it for a while, I wrote dozens of terrible proposals, and at the end I came up with a name… 

Light Garage is (and is not) a course.

For consistency with the title, I’ve thought of meeting you in my parking space, but since the course will start in November, I guessed it would be better to meet in my studio.

Well, just so you understand if this could be of interest to you, here below I’ll explain how it will be structured, and how I mean to carry it out:

  1. There will be modules for you to read and to study. The idea would be to have classes/exercises and meet once a week;
  2. Each module will be a lesson or an exercise. But there will be more exercises than words to read. Why? Easy: you’ll learn more and will have more fun. It’s nonetheless true that I will be at your disposal for any doubts or information. Of course, you can always rely on Google  😁
  3. You will learn the basics of photography, but you will also find that there’s a lot of things you already know.
  4. We’ll talk about technique, just enough to understand how your camera works (kind of “why you can’t take photos if you don’t turn it on), and we’ll talk about language; because photography is a powerful means of communicating. Of course, we can go deeper in both techniques and language, if you’re interested.
  5. There will be two workshop in my studio.

The themes of the course will be (in broad terms and, above all, in random order):

  • know your gear (camera settings)
  • the light (ooooohhh, we’ll see the light!!)
  • the photographic language
  • How do you take a photo? Composition (lines, frames, shapes…we’ll learn the rules and then we’ll forget about them), exposure, and many other sssssssssso interesting things
  • Genres of photography (leaving sunsets and the moon aside… actually, we’ll maybe try to see how the moon – or anything else – can be shot in so many ways depending on the photographic genre).

The course is planned from November 2017 to February 2018 (approximately from the week of 6/11/2017 to the week of 19/02/2018).

It’s 14 weeks (Christmas and New Year’s excluded). Why for so long? Because photography (even the basics) can’t be taught in 3 days. For that, you can watch online tutorials 😉 

The dates are still indicative so if you have any problems, if you prefer something more quick and painless, just contact me: anything can be done.:) 

Sssso, I’m at your disposal for anything: doubts, information, meaningless questions (not money, but only because I haven’t gotten any).

The course fee is €150,00 (VAT included), inclusive of the two workshop in my studio and the use of my gear (if necessary).

If you’re interested, just fill in the form here below.

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If you have preferences, if there are subjects I forgot to mention (but which are important to you), if you have a preferred time or day ... anything, just write here
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